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Why Little Dogs Are Better Than Big Dogs

Why Is a Little Dog Better Than a Big DogWe love all dogs. All sizes, all shapes, all colors, all hair styles. Dogs can be a lot of fun as well as a lot of work. Certainly they can really become a big part of the family regardless of their size.

If you were considering getting a dog and weren’t sure yet on which type of dog to get, here is our TOP 10 list of reasons why a small dog is better than a big one.

#10. Little dogs are cute and they stay that way.
#9. Bath time is quick and easy and you can even use a sink.
#8. It’s easier to sneak them into places.
#7. Cute girls and guys just LOVE little dogs.
#6. Little dogs have as much energy as you do and always want to play.
#5. They don’t eat a lot – One bag of dry food can last months.
#4. They can share the bed with you and not take up any room.
#3. They can keep themselves busy playing with the cats.
#2. Little dogs can’t drag your grandma down the block.

And the number one reason why little dogs are better than big dogs is …

#1. You don’t need a SHOVEL to clean up after them.

Boy and Shovel


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